Custom Foot Orthotics

Supporting your feet is critically important to your overall health. There are many foot issues that may require custom foot orthotics in Manchester, MO. If you're interested in this service, Dr. Roy Brown of Chirodoc can help you. Knowing more about what it offers, you can ensure that you make the appropriate care option for your overall foot and gait health.

Common Foot Problems Can Affect Your Health

Feet problems have a way of worsening and spreading throughout much of the body. For example, problems with your feet can cause alignment issues with the ankles, knees, and hips that affect how you walk. It can even cause long-term pain. Tragically, many people don't realize that they can get help for this problem and minimize their pain and suffering.

Thankfully, Dr. Brown and Chirodoc can help! Custom foot orthotics in Manchester, MO, are designed to fit your feet and provide support for your gait. These unique healing tools can be fitted on you fairly quickly. Understanding what they have to offer can ensure that you make the right care decision for your needs. Note that these items are almost always covered by medical insurance if required for your foot health.

How Foot Orthotics Help

Orthotics are unique treatment tools that fit comfortably onto your foot and support its overall alignment. Custom options are designed to fit your foot and to adjust its alignment to a healthy level. This approach helps to slowly improve your alignment in your feet. As a result, it can also help improve your balance, adjust your calves and ankles, and provide better overall leg support.

Depending on your treatment needs, orthotics may last several months or up to a year. While that might seem like a long time, the improvements are more than worth it. Most people stop feeling pain in their feet after using orthotics and feel stronger and more stable when they walk. Just as importantly, they have better posture and can walk more comfortably without worrying about pain in their ankles or knees.

Ask Us About Getting Yourself Started With Orthotics Today!

If you need custom foot orthotics in Manchester, MO, you should call us at Chirodoc to get the help that you need. Dr. Brown has many years of experience in his field and feels comfortable working with people with all sorts of needs. No matter what your foot problem is, he can find an orthotic solution that makes sense for you. So don't hesitate to reach out to us at 636-230-3783 to learn more about what we have to offer you.

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