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Our bodies are designed to perfectly carry everything we do, but it is inevitable that some of these moving parts will jam. Athletics, auto accidents, or even a tripping over the family pet can lead to a crash that requires a chiropractic adjustment. The Chiropractic Office of Dr. Roy E. Brown, Jr., of Manchester, MO, performs such adjustments to help relieve the problems misalignments cause.Adjustment_2.jpg

How Do Our Bodies Become Misaligned? 

The spine is built from vertebrae and discs that stack perfectly upon each to protect the spinal cord. Certain actions can lead to the discs or vertebrae becoming misaligned, particularly if there is a jarring motion involving the back, neck, or head, or if the joints and surrounding soft tissues have been weakened.

Similarly, blunt force can cause any joint to come out of socket, with shoulders, hips, ankles, and knees being the most common.

Athletic Injuries

When there is a lot of impact with people, the ground, or other items, backs are almost certain to face a forced misalignment. Similarly, such collisions can hyperextend extremities.

Auto Accidents

A basic bumper tap can still lead to a sudden impact. Any number of things are possible that can cause dislocations, but the most common is the head being whipped back and forth, damaging hard and soft tissue in the neck.

Home Incidents

Lifting improperly, twisting your leg while stepping over pets and children, slipping while wearing stockings, or tripping while rushing to the door can lead to sudden jolts or sprains, even if you do not fall all the way to the ground. 

How Chiropractic Adjustments Help

Chiropractors are experts of the musculoskeletal system. They understand how each of these moving parts are supposed to fit and function, as well as how to get your back to where they are supposed to be from where they are.

Chiropractors can manually work with the moving parts to ensure they are back in the proper places and healing adequately. 

Even something that doesn’t immediately hurt, such as a spinal misalignment, can lead to problems down the road. Pinched nerves can turn into tingling, pain, or loss of use. A chiropractic adjustment after impact can prevent such pain from forming, or treat it if it is already here.

If you are curious about how The Chiropractic Office of Dr. Roy E. Brown, Jr., serving Manchester, MO, may be able to help you, please call 636-230-3783 to schedule a consultation.

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